Happy Easter all. Thought I'd take the short holiday to bring you all brand new fresh disaster!!! Maybe I put my all easter eggs in one basket here, but it's a good basket.

I want to take a moment to welcome our new members to the io9 team Marc and Cyriaque. Marc put forth an interesting question this week wondering why George Lucas hasn't started his own Sundance-esque foundation. Well I did a little digging and it turns out he does a retreat once a year for this very purpose. I managed to find this brochure online. It honestly looks like a pretty fun experience. Please click to enlarge.

Phillip Pullman has a new novel out putting forth an idea that Jesus had an Evil Twin named Christ. This is actually not a new idea and among many theologians it is accepted as fact. Though, he wasn't evil as much as he was just kind of an ass. And his name wasn't Christ. His name was Garth. Here are a couple of still from Mel Gibson's upcoming sequel to The Passion which focuses on Garth.

I know I promised you all that I was gonna do something with the new Predators, and honestly I probably will, but this came up and for me is just a far more promising concept than whatever Rodriguez came up with.

Personally I was over the 3-D Craze before it began. It's only a matter of time before the rest of the world latches on to the backlash bandwagon, so I encourage you all to get on before it gets crowded. So I threw these little messages together just for you. The images are literally big enough that you can print it out and post it above your DVD player, tape it to the local theater, or make a button out of it and wear it when you go see Clash of the Titans in good old fashioned Two Dimensions. Help put an END TO THE MADNESS!!! (sorry Corey)

What can I say? Even though it stars Ol' Drywall Worthington I'm still super excited for Clash of the Titans. I've even loaded up my iPod with Iron Maiden, Manowar, and Dragonforce songs to use as my own personal soundtrack. I do still have a sneaking suspicion however that something is wrong with it... oh right.

This is Garrison Dean, saying so long until next time.