Battlestar Galactica's ensemble is one of the best to ever grace the TV screen — in any genre — but what have those been actors been doing since the finale? And have they been wasted?

The most amazing thing about the BSG cast was not their talent, or it's depth — almost any one of them could, and did, carry an episode — but the fact that most of them seemed to come out of nowhere. Sure, we knew Oscar nominees Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell, and we might remember having seen James Callis in Bridget Jones's Diary, but everyone else was such a pleasant discovery — especially rookies like Tricia Helfer and Grace Park.


But what's happened to the cast since the Colonial spotlight has faded? It's a little more than a year since "Daybreak, Part 2" — what has the best acting showcase of the last 10 years gotten them?

Edward James Olmos
Admiral William Adama
It's lonely at the top for the ex-Admiral, as there simply aren't that many roles for men of his stature — that Morgan Freeman isn't already taking. But he'll be seen the upcoming Seth Rogen Green Hornet redux.

Mary McDonnell
President Laura Roslin
McDonnell checked in for a short run as a cardiac surgeon on Grey's Anatomy, followed by a recurring ballbuster on The Closer.

Jamie Bamber
Captain Lee "Apollo" Adama
After a one-off role as an arms smuggler on Dollhouse, Bamber's settled into a leading role as Matt Devlin on Law & Order: UK.

James Callis
Dr. Gaius Baltar
An episode of Merlin and Numb3rs found him post-BSG; he's just joined the cast of Syfy's Eureka. Will nefariousness be afoot? Probably. But it'll be good to see him back in a lab coat.

Tricia Helfer
Caprica Six (and others)
Probably the busiest of the veterans, she had a nine-episode run on Burn Notice, followed by episodes of Chuck, Warehouse 13, Two and a Half Men, and the pilot of Human Target. She also does a lot of voice work, popping up in Green Lantern: First Flight and the Mass Effect 2 and Halo: ODST videogames.

Katee Sackhoff
Captain Kara "Starbuck" Thrace
After BSG wrapped, she got her freak on for FX's Nip/Tuck. Then she took a major, and some might say underwhelming, role as a compromised CTU analyst in the final season of 24. She's currently on tap to head the cast of ABC's cop drama, Boston's Finest.

Grace Park
Lieutenant Sharon "Boomer" Agathon (and others)
Recently cast in NBC's revamp of Hawaii Five-O (opposite Lost alum Daniel Dae Kim), Park took roles on A&E's The Cleaner and the Canadian Broadcast Corporation's The Border.

Michael Hogan
Colonel Saul Tigh
The crusty colonel has brought his particular brand of good-natured gruff to avuncular roles on Warehouse 13, Dollhouse, Numb3rs, Psych, and the Mass Effect 2 videogame (along with Helfer).

Tahmoh Penikett
Captain Karl "Helo" Agathon
Joss Whedon's Dollhouse occupied his time, for the most part — finding new ways to take his shirt off as the agent on the trail of Echo (Eliza Dushku) and the Dollhouse. He's back on the Syfy roster for the upcoming Riverworld miniseries.

Aaron Douglas
Chief Galen Tyrol
It's been a little quiet for the Chief: He's got The Bridge, about a Toronto police union leader, a Canadian TV production that CBS may bring to the States sometime this year.

Michael Trucco
Samuel Anders
After taking the lead in the Syfy telefilm Meteor Storm, Trucco swerved into Castle, playing a love interest for Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) and a love rival for Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion). He's also in the cast of USA's new legal drama Facing Kate, opposite Life's Sarah Shahi.

Kandyse McClure
Officer Anastasia Dualla
A little bit of Reaper, a smidgen of Sanctuary, a part in Children of the Corn... Up next is the Christopher McQuarrie (Usual Suspects) NBC drama Persons Unknown, about a batch of strangers who find themselves stuck in a ghost town, set to premiere this June.

Donnelly Rhodes
Doc Cottle
Not enough is happening for the awesomely gravelly Rhodes: a bit part in the Human Target pilot, and the "Mickey" role in a 2009 straight-to-DVD underground fighting flick called Damage, with Steve Austin.

Kate Vernon
Ellen Tigh
Vernon, who's been a perennial TV guest star, added CSI, The Mentalist, Saving Grace, and Heroes to her already considerable resume. Currently, she's rocking it in theaters in the Nicholas Sparks weep-fest The Last Song.

Alessandro Juliani
Lieutenant Felix Gaeta
Good Mr. Gaeta has been busy, taking part in Syfy's Alice miniseries, episodes of Reaper and Human Target, as well as a recurring role on Smallville as Dr. Emil Hamilton. And he'll be joining Penikett in Riverworld.