What glimmered on io9 this week? Tons of Doctor Who news, mysterious coffins, April Fools' Day japery, M. Night Shyamalan talks The Last Airbender, and all you want to know about the Google Books settlement.

5 Ways The Google Book Settlement Will Change The Future of Reading
If you care about the future of books, you need to understand the Google Book Settlement. It's a complicated legal document, but we've talked to some of its architects, detractors, and defenders - and break it all down for you.

New Doctor, New Companion, New TARDIS... What Else Is New?
Click here to read New Doctor, New Companion, New TARDIS... What Else Is New?
A new era of Doctor Who is about to begin, and one of the show's new producers walked us through what's different this time around. Find out about the revamped title sequence, new cameras and a whole new approach.

Oh, Right...It's April Fool's Day: The Best Internet Gags
The internets are chockablock with poor attempts at suck-you-in hilarity today - but here are the best we've found.

Shyamalan Addresses Airbender's Race Controversy And Answers Your Questions
We sat down with The Last Airbender's twist-obsessed director, M. Night Shyamalan, and grilled him about everything you wanted to know about. The comedy, the characters, whether Momo's in it - and most importantly, the controversial casting decisions. Spoilers ahead...

Why is Frankenstein So Hard to Do Right?
There have been movies based on Mary Shelley's classic for almost as long as there have been movies themselves. But why are so few of them any good?

Scary Fish-Eating And Alien Sex On "V"
Honestly, I can't imagine why the ratings slid downward in returning alien invasion series V. After all, we got to see head V Anna doing her erotic eating routine with sashimi - and then, with a lizard man! Spoilers!

Good Character Development Includes The All-Important "F*@% Yeah" Moment
What makes you invest in a character? Is it when you understand their motivations, or glimpse their all-too-human foibles? When they have rich, multi-layered relationships? Sure, those things all help. But what really helps is the all-important "f*@% yeah" moment.

What The Hell Is Buried In This Half-Ton Coffin?
Last summer, archaeologists unearthed this 1,000-pound lead coffin buried on the outskirts of Rome. Researchers don't want to crack open the sarcophagus, lest they harm whomever's inside. But shouldn't we be more concerned about its mysterious tenant harming us?

8 Other Witches We'd Rather See In Tim Burton's Maleficent Movie Over Angelina
Angelina Jolie is reportedly interested in starring in Tim Burton's rumored next project, Maleficent. But is Jolie really the best actress for Disney's most iconic villain? Here's our list of women who have already proved they're worthy of dragon transformation.

First Images Of Doctor Who's New TARDIS Interior. It's... Glam?
Britain's Radio Times debuted a ton of images of the inside of Doctor Who's newly remodeled time machine, the TARDIS. In some ways, it's surprisingly similar to David Tennant's model. In others? Well... see for yourself.

20 SciFi Disco Videos That Were Made By Insane People
If you pen disco songs about aliens and UFOs, you're eccentric. But if you transform your space-case dance jams into music videos, you're asking for a padded cell. Warning: the blinding cheesiness of this disco apocalypse may cause retinal stigmata.