There's something blissfully futuristic about subways. Maybe it's that these people-movers evoke space stations or arcologies. Or perhaps being shoved ass-to-shoulder together with strangers during rush hour unleashes some long-dormant pack instinct. Regardless, these metros are shiny.

Designboom has a great rundown of space age subway photography, but I'm a little peeved no one gave any love to New York City. Some of fiction's finest mutants have lived down there (see: the Morlocks, Donatello), and what's more science fiction than nigh unkillable subway rodents?

[Via Designboom here and here. Photo: Stockholm via Vargklo's Flickr]

Barcelona [via on-a arquitectura]


Washington DC [via PFrench99's Flickr]

Shanghai [via Erywn van der Meer's Flickr]


Montreal [via Paul Lowry's Flickr]

Lisbon [via Hugo N.'s Flickr]