You're a registered commenter on io9 and we love you for that. But how to use all those weird icons next to commenter names? And what are io9's community rules? You know, so you don't get banned? Find out!

First things first. How do you become a commenter on io9?
You have to make a comment before we can approve your account. Learn more.

Now you're a commenter. Fix up your profile!
Every commenter has a special profile page, with all your comments and friends. It's also where you can control settings for how you view other people's comments. Learn more.

You're a registered commenter, but you can't see your comments. What's wrong?
Not all comments are immediately visible when you get an account. But there's an easy way to see all comments, including yours! Learn more.

Are there any fancy things you can do in comments?
Why yes there are! You can edit comments, and even post pictures or YouTube vids. Learn more.

Where are the commenter forums?
io9 doesn't have proper forums. Instead, we have pages devoted to open threads on various topics that anyone can post in, any time. Learn more.

How can you be an opinionated commenter on io9 and not get banned?
It's the question of the ages, my friend. We want you to argue and debate to your hearts' content, but we will ban you if you break the rules. Learn more.

Your comment has been moved to another page - why is that?
We have a new comment moderation tool that allows us to warn users when they're posting comments that are off-topic or abusive. Often, this means your comment gets moved to a more appropriate page. Learn more.

What are these gold stars and how can you get one?
Some commenters have a gold star next to their names. They seem to have infinite power as a result. What the heck? Learn more.