Every registered commenter on io9 has a personal profile.

Your commenter profile lives at an address like this: www.io9.com/people/YourCommenterName
You can reach it by going to that address, or by logging in, then clicking your commenter name in the upper right hand corner of the page.

What your profile contains
You can choose to put as much or as little personal information on your profile page as you want (see below, "personalize your profile").

You can also see all the comments you've made, as well as all your friends and followers.


Personalize your profile
You can add a lot of information to your profile, including a picture and URL. You can add that by clicking the "edit my profile" button.

Control the way you see comments
You can also choose different views of the comments you see on each post. For example, you can choose to see comments arranged chronologically, or by newest comment first.


You can also choose to see only "featured" comments from starred commenters, or you can see all comments. We highly recommend the "see all comments" setting, especially if you are a new commenter. That will allow you to see your own comments, even if you have not been starred!

You can make all of these changes via your settings menu, which you reach by clicking the settings button.


Friends and followers
A friend is somebody you follow who follows you back. When you follow somebody, you can choose to be notified every time they post a comment. If you see somebody make a cool comment, you can instantly become their follower by clicking the little heart icon next to their name.

Also, you can subscribe to somebody's comments via RSS. Just click the gray RSS button in the right corner of their profile.