When the Nazis descend from the Moon in force, they'll be behind the controls of this beauty. Here's a new piece of concept art from Iron Sky, the hotly-anticipated Finnish space-Nazi movie from the makers of Trek spoof Star Wreck.

The Iron Sky crew promised to post a previously unseen piece of concept art if they reached 10,000 fans on Facebook. And this is a doozy, with its retro-futuristic World War II space technology. The filmmakers write:

A lot of thought has gone to figuring out how the Moon Nazi technology looks like. The easy solution would have been to follow the current scifi trend of holodisplays and whatnot, but frankly, it wouldn't have been that interesting or made any sense. We've done a lot of research on the Nazi UFO conspiracy theories and came up with the following guideline: 1945 technology – perfected. Also, for the Nazi UFO aficionados out there: there is an instrument from a "genuine" Nazi UFO in there – can you spot it?


We can't wait to see the actual film! [Beyond The Iron Sky]