The shakycam wizard behind the latter Bourne films, Green Zone, and United 93 is doing just what we told him — he's going deep to make a science fiction film.

Three months ago, we made a list of filmmakers we thought should saddle up and make a sci-fi movie. And at the top of that list was Paul Greengrass, whose movies always have a "you are there" documentary feel. Imagine our surprise at the news that Greengrass was in talks to direct an update of the 1966 invasive adventure, Fantastic Voyage. To quote myself, "there are plenty of terrific action directors out there, but few work with same mixture of chaos and intimacy." And what's more chaotic and intimate than the innards of the human body?

James Cameron's Lightstorm Entertainment would produce it for Fox, so it's no wonder that it's being planned as a 3D production. One can only hope that it's better 3D than Clash of the Titans...


via Variety