We're about to lose Lost, and many of your other favorites are going on break. But luckily, a bunch of great new series are starting up. Get ready for new doses of True Blood, Doctor Who, SGU and Breaking Bad.

Ugly Americans


This is by far our favorite new spring show. This animated spoof is short, sweet, and bitterly funny. Each week, we follow social worker Mark Lilly as he tries to patch up the relations between the monsters, aliens, vampires and zombies illegals with the rest of NYC. His zombie roomie, Randall, steals the show every week.

The show airs Wednesdays on Comedy Central at 9 PM.

Here's half of the Ugly Americans pilot:



We're giving FlashForward one last chance to win us back, with the second half of its first season. After all, Lost is going to be off the air soon and we'll need things to watch. But we're also tuning in to find out a few answers, like why Mark's daughter is so important and what's the deal with those crows in Somalia. Mostly, though, we're eager to see ex-con, ex-Marine Aaron kick some Jericho ass.

FlashForward airs Thursdays on ABC at 8 PM.

Breaking Bad


Time to get cooking with Mr. White again. And after last season's finale, we know that money does not buy happiness — getting anonymous donors to fill up your son's charity does. We can't wait to see what the meth-making high school science teacher will do next, with his now-troubled partner in crime Jesse. Fingers crossed for more sexy crystal-producing science, and turtles with human heads on their backs.

The show airs Sundays on AMC at 10PM.

Here's an amazing recap of the last seasons:



When will the world see the true lizard faces that are behind the fleshy human masks The Visitors are wearing? Now that the Earthlings are continuing to assimilate with the Vs, it's only a matter of time until their evil plot is revealed.

V airs Wednesdays on ABC at 9PM.

Here's a scene from last night's premier:



Flashbacks, alternate universes and root beer floats laced with acid — thank goodness for Walter Bishop is back from the two-month long break with some brand new Fringe. The new episodes will explain exactly what happened to the "other" Peter Bishop, all those years ago.

New Fringe episodes start Fox, April, 1 on Fox, and air at 8 PM on Thursdays.

Here's a clip from tomorrow's new episode:

Stargate Universe


The crew of the Destiny picks up where they left off, to finish off their first season. The grittier and darker Stargate still has the members aboard the mysterious Destiny, searching for a way to get home, and unable to dial out. But this time around, they're not just battling the depleted resources or the elements, but big bad aliens. About damn time. This show has slowly been inching its way up our "what to watch" list.

New SGU episodes premiere on the Syfy Channel April 2nd at 8 PM.

Adventure Time


Finn and Jake are best friends. Finn is a 12-year old boy, and Jake is a 28-year-old dog with magical powers. So please watch this crazy-ass fantasy series, since the last episode will probably be "Finn puts Jake down."

New Time episodes start on Cartoon Network April 5th on Mondays.

Doctor Who


For those of you patiently awaiting the American premiere of Doctor Who's fifth season, along with the premiere of the brand new Doctor Matt Smith, your time is almost here! New showrunner Steven Moffat promises a fairytale-like epic.

The season premiere airs on April 17th at BBC America at 9 PM.

Promo for the new season:

Ben 10


Ben and the gang are back in their thrilling world of aliens and robots. Quality kid programming for eager minds.

New Ben 10 starts on Cartoon Network on April 23rd, Fridays.

True Blood


The now viral term "waiting sucks" has never been more true for any other series. Fans are literally biting their nails down to the nub, waiting for the return of the campy sex-crazed ultra-violent vampire series, based on the book series by Charlaine Harris. These vampires are the only things we have on television that is even remotely close to what a blood sucking demon should look and act like. But the new season should add a new monster to the equation: werewolves.

The third season of True Blood premieres on HBO on June 13 at 9 PM, Sundays.



Kekkaishi will start re-airing episodes on Adult Swim in the month of May. Based on the work by Yellow Tanabe, the story focuses around a Junior High student, Yoshimori Sumimura, who is a normal kid half of the time, but the rest of the time he and his family spends their days fighting the forces of evil. I think.

Kekkashi will be airing episodes in Adult Swim starting May 29th, Saturdays