In Iron Man 2, Tony Stark revives the Stark Expo, a technology fair pioneered by his industrialist father. A new viral site, Stark Expo 2010, is a fake ad for Tony's billionaire playground. It resembles the Venture compound on barbiturates.

At the Stark Expo 2010 viral site, visitors can marvel at concept art for the Stark Industries International Technology Exhibition in Flushing Meadows, New York, the location of past New York World's Fairs. If you look real hard at the second image, you'll see the Ironettes' pavilion from the IM2 theatrical trailer. Be sure to check to the retro-ridiculous video for Stark Expo 1974, which contains stock footage out the wazoo and a cameo by John Slattery as Tony's dad, Howard Stark. There's also a timer on the site which counts to May 7, the Iron Man 2 release date.

Here are some of the trippy images, plus a couple of videos of Howard and Tony Stark. Check out Stark Expo 2010 here.