Wanna zahelu with some Pandoran exchange students on spring break? Then you'll need this online Na'vi-English dictionary from Learn Na'vi. Master a few choice phrases and you'll have yourself a dreadlock dalliance guaranteed.

Even if tall, blue, and feline isn't your style, it's worth learning at least a few Na'vi phrases to look cultured around your snooty, Klingon-fluent friends. The Na'vi language was invented by Dr. Paul Frommer of the University of Southern California, and these grammar guides by Richard Littauer and NeoTrekkerZ will teach you to be a street-walking cheetah with a heart full of unobtanium. Be forewarned that the guides are chock full of participles, infinitives, and all that gobbledygook you forgot from high school Latin class.

Before you use your Na'vi shibboleth for the powers of seduction, remember that the Na'vi bond for life. If a cat-person drops the ol' Nga yawne lu oe-r on you, get ready for a shotgun wedding, Toruk Makto style.

[Via Learn Na'vi. Photo via Pockypants' Deviantart.]