Neal Asher just signed another five-book contract with Macmillan/Tor, which means more thrilling adventures in the Polity universe. But it also means more bitchin covers by artist Jon Sullivan. Check out some of the most glorious covers so far.

Over at his blog, Asher writes:

Now, whilst progressively renewing my covers (using those superb Jon Sullivan pictures), Tor Macmillan have given me a five book contract, which I've signed. My last contract underwent a slight redesign with the last two books being swapped around so that The Departure, a novel based on short stories that appeared in my collection The Engineer ReConditioned, will be published last rather than second to last. This book will be the first of the ‘Owner Sequence' comprising two further books titled Zero Point and Jupiter War. After that I'm signed up for three as yet to be named books, so I'll certainly be writing books for Macmillan for some years to come.


Check out some more of our favorite Sullivan space-opera covers. There's more awesomeness over at Sullivan's site. [The Art Of Jon Sullivan]

Sullivan's cover for Asher's The Line Of Polity.


The Skinner




Twisted Metal by Tony Ballantyne — not by Asher, but still an incredible cover.


Necropath by Eric Brown. Also not by Asher, but too cool not to feature.