Lisa Snellings is perhaps best known for her Poppets - small creatures that have inspired such writers as Neil Gaiman, Gene Wolfe, Larry Niven, Peter S. Beagle and many others. But her work is hardly sweetness and light.

I was first introduced to Lisa's work at the World Fantasy Convention several years ago. And I have been a fan ever since. I was originally drawn to her small Poppet people - figurines that at first glance seem benign and sweet. But if you look a bit closer, you might see something sinister.

Each time I see her work, it takes my breath away. All the little details, all the stories she tells with her images. I get this creepy, uneasy feeling. And I mean that in a good way. It's no surprise that she has inspired so many writers.

See more of Lisa Snellings work here and here.

This one is called Skye. Look closer and see the details. This steampunk Poppet has a balloon inside.

This is a detail from her Brilliance multi-media piece.

Halloween Candy - take a piece!

Strange Fish - a painting that features a Poppet, yet my favorite part is the fish underneath. Weird faces.

In addition to Poppets, you'll see a lot of hands in Lisa's work. Here is a creepy example of it. Don't know why this sends chills up my spine. Perhaps just the idea of spare body parts is unnerving. You can almost see the them moving and, and... reaching.

And here is another example of the hands, the hands...

But it's not just the hands. Lisa has created brain sculptures as well. For some reason, these don't creep me out as much. I rather like them. I like them a lot.

This is called "The Naked Truth." This one gives a peaceful, almost a prayerful feeling.

OK, so maybe this brain isn't so cute and sweet. It's eating itself!

A completely different kind of work here. This one is called Soup Topography. Once again, Lisa takes something benign and normal and turns it into something else. Poppets swirling about in the soup. I've seen these multi-media sculptures up close and they are amazing. Check out the others.

You've got the adult Poppets and then you have the little ones, too. Snack time!

Titled Psychopede - this piece has all kinds of body parts - brains, feet, eyes. It's the cleaver that draws your attention, though. I see this thing walking across my nightmares ...(hey, did you know that Lisa used to work in a hospital morgue?)

Persistence Engine - very steampunk-y, very poppet-y. Movement.

A different kind of shadow box. This one features my favorite creatures - the crows.

I love how Lisa does her birds.

Cool Poppet. The Poppets are really nifty things to have around. Lisa says that "watching the evening news is not the same as watching the evening news with a Poppet." She also says it's very hard to lie to a Poppet. Go ahead and try.

Reading Poppets.

Dreamy Poppet - Wind.

Steampunk Lady Poppet.

Lots and lots of Poppets - spiraling......

Another Poppet "meal."

Lisa's latest collaboration - a new book with Larry Niven.

My favorite Poppet shadow box.

And my favorite painting. If anyone ever wants to know what to get me, this is it (not so subtle hint).