All good things must end, and so it is with the Star Wars Miniatures game. Masters of the Force, the final expansion, is packed with the best classic characters, and cool monsters. Here are four previews.

Not only does Masters of the Force, produced by Wizards of the Coast, include new versions of Star Wars legends like Yoda and Darth Vader - it has all of the monsters from the hologame that C-3PO and Chewbacca played on the Millenium Falcon. I'm assuming that's what the Molator is (I'm not quite a big enough Star Wars nerd to know off the top of my head). While this won't be the centerpiece of anyone's battle squad, it's a nasty customer and not something I'd want to get into close combat with.

Plo Kloon is an old-school Jedi, a member of the Jedi Council during the Clone Wars. I always thought he looked pretty bad-ass with the face mask and goggles he has to wear outside his native atmosphere, and he looks really good taking out a battle droid. This version of Kloon seems pretty solid, even at 40 points. He's got a suite of very nice Force powers, and his Double Attack could hit key enemy pieces very hard.

Master of the Force isn't a set full of all-stars. You need some bread-and-butter units to fill out your squads and make for fun scenarios. Here's your basic Rebel Soldier, designed to operate in large squads of grunts trained just like him. Team them up with someone who has a good soldier Command power and you could have a very refined commando squad.

Similar to the Rebel Soldier, here's a unit that just begs to be put into a large cluster of identical units (which, in turn just begs for a big area of attack effect from your opponent). It's always nice to get a handful of units like these when you're trying to reenact your favorite scenes from the movies.

Look for boosters featuring these figures on game store shelves April 6.

This post originally appeared on Robot Viking.