What glimmered on io9 this week? The new Scott Pilgrim trailer, dystopian healthcare nightmares, the J.J. Abrams lens flare iPhone app, massive whirlpools, and the dead, salty surface of the Salton Sea.

5 Dystopias Healthcare Reform Could Prevent (And One It Could Cause)
We've heard a lot of hype, on both sides, about the healthcare reform bill President Obama signed today. But how will it really affect our future? Here are five dystopias it may save us from, and one it could cause.

How to Make Water Explode
Welcome to yet another post in Io9's reckless lawsuit-baiting series. Find out why water boils, why it's necessary to make sure it does boil, and what happens when it doesn't boil soon enough.

How To Convert A Tanker Truck Into A Post-Apocalyptic Home
After the complete breakdown of civilization, the best place to live is going to be in a tanker, hitched to the back of a truck. Designer Aristide Antonas has figured out exactly how to convert a truck into a home.

The Salton Sea Is Like Mad Max With Beachfront Views
At one point, California's inland Salton Sea was a thriving tourist destination and fishing spot. Nowadays, it's a toxic, hyper-salinated cesspool gone stagnant due to pollution and lack of sufficient drainage. Here are snapshots of the Sea's eerie lakeside towns.

The One Thing George Lucas Could Do To Sway The People In His Favor
After editing over 634 hours of submitted footage and interviewing both insiders and Star Wars apologists, there's one thing The People Versus George Lucas director Alexandre O. Philippe wants from Lucas. Find out the verdict in our exclusive interview.

First Scott Pilgrim Trailer Makes Us Fall In Love All Over Again
Could Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World movie really live up to the snarky loveliness and crazy action of Bryan Lee O'Malley's comic? Judging from the first teaser trailer... why, yes!

Old Alien Toy Ads Will Ruin Your Childhood All Over Again
It's nigh impossible to market toys based on the Aliens franchise. Acid-blooded xenological killing machines + chortling happy moppets = unintentionally hilarious commercials for us...and a lifetime worth of grief counseling for anyone under 10.

Incarceron Is The Hunger Games In The City Of Ember
The latest young-adult reading sensation, Incarceron, feels like a mash-up of a few of the genre's best-known books. Luckily, the book does have a supremely clever central conceit, which grows on you as you read it. Spoilers ahead...

A 250-Foot Whirlpool That Has Existed For Hundreds Of Years Off The Coast Of Maine
For hundreds of years, people off the coast of Maine have noted a large whirlpool known as "Old Sow." It's the biggest whirlpool in the western hemisphere, and exhibits a lot of weird behaviors (including making pig noises).

The Ten Greatest Modern-Day Recreations Of Ancient Technologies
For some people, studying the past isn't enough. They recreate millennia-old tools, boats, and even towns to better understand how ancient peoples lived. They are called experimental archaeologists, and these are ten of their greatest triumphs.

Improving The Classics With The J.J. Abrams Lens Flare Phone App
Because J.J. Abrams makes everything better, check out the brand new lens flare phone app. Add Trek-style flare to your mom or your cat. Or improve a bunch of tired old classics with "exciting space battle" light action.