Nevada used to be atomic blast central, so it's fitting that students at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas paid tribute to the weirdness of atomic-bomb art and propaganda with a new exhibition, "Cloud 9."

According to the UNLV student paper, the Rebel Yell, the UNLV Art Department collaborated with the Atomic Testing Museum to put together a weird nuke-themed exhibit:

"In the 1950s, everyone wanted to advertise with the mushroom cloud or the atomic symbol," said Angela Ameling, ATM director of education. "So there is quite a bit of that pop culture that we have in the museum. So the students took that portion of history and really ran with it."

Miss Atomic Bomb U.S.A. by Brynn Lee Gardano. Photo by Bryant Nguyen.


Operation Cupcake by (left to right) Lindsay Raybourne, Gina Scalice, Samantha Leavitt and Jennifer Coots. Photo by Bryant Nguyen.

Santuary by Ben Stoner and Katie Ferris. Photo by Bryant Nguyen.