What if Tony Stark was born in the Paleolithic or Middle Ages? The newest slew of Iron Man By Design variant covers re-imagine the hero as a crusader, a cowboy, and a cro-magnon.

In the first batch of Marvel's Iron Man By Design variant covers, Tony was a centurion and ancient Egyptian falconer. These purdy new illustrations shanghai ol' shellhead all across space and time. Also as a bonus, check out the new, strangely detailed Iron Man 2 Big Gulps cups. I guess there's an alternate dimension in which Tony Stark is a Slurpee. Earth-711 perhaps?

[Covers via Comic Book Resources here and here. Cups via Superhero Hype.]

Cover by John Tyler Christopher.


Cover by Marko Djurdjevic.

Cover by Skottie Young.


Cover by by Frederic Genet.

Cover by Christian Nuack.


Cover by by Skottie Young.

Cover by Humberto Ramos.


Cover by Dave Johnson.