To promote the upcoming Invincible spin-off Guardians of the Globe, Image Comics has released promos lampooning Marvel's recent Avengers ads. But are Image's ads a light-hearted parody or a piss-take on Marvel's über-marketable Avengers teams?

This week, Image released a series of Guardians of the Globe promos modeled exactly on Marvel's "I Am An Avenger" campaign. So far Image has revealed Invincible, Spawn, Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead, and Barack Obama as key players in the publisher's August 2010 Guardians of the Globe title.

Obviously Rick and Obama are a joke (Spawn is plausible but improbable), and Invincible's membership is all but assured. But are these promos just parodying and piggybacking on Marvel's Avengers momentum or lambasting Marvel's purported "ZOMG KEWL" approach to building Avengers squads? In other words, to what extent are these ads a slam on traditionally non-Avengers characters like Wolverine and Spider-Man joining the Avengers?


In any case, I'd love to see Rick Grimes as a Guardian of the Globe. He's the burliest mofo in comics right now (after Michonne and her katana, natch).

[via Newsarama]

An original Marvel Comics' Avengers spot.