Classic Transformers artist Don Figueroa uploaded hundreds of amazing pieces of concept art to his DeviantArt page, mostly for the new Transformers Ongoing comic and the Transformers/G.I. Joe crossover.

Here's some of our favorite Figueroa art. You can view the rest over at the link. Note: Figueroa removed a lot of art from his DeviantArt page, and we were asked to do the same, so we've replaced it with some other cool images. [Don Figueroa on DeviantArt, via Seibertron]

Behold Galvatron!

Bruticus Vs. Jazz

T.F. Joe Optimus concept art

T.F. Joe Megatron concept art

T.F. Joe Bumblebee

Transformers 5

Nova Prime


Jetfire Vs. Sunstorm