Whether you're looking for killer resorts, generational vampires or Iron Man from this week's comics, you're in luck: There's a great selection of new releases reaching comic stores tomorrow. Prepare to say goodbye to your money.

Let's start off with what may be turning into a regular feature: Marvel's Iron Man releases for the week. This week alone, the House of Ideas prepares for the upcoming Iron Man 2 with the following collections: Iron Man: Armor Wars Prologue (Collecting some great late-1980s work), Iron Man: Iron Monger (If you're wondering where the end of the first movie came from, look no further), Iron Man: The End (An alternate future finale for Tony Stark!) and Ultimate Comics Iron Man: Armor Wars (Warren Ellis continues his fun drunken take on the alternate-continuity version of the character).

Lest you think Marvel only publishes books about Tony Stark these days, they're also putting out the first issues of Hercules: Fall of An Avenger and X-Factor Forever (For those who loved Louise Simonson's 1980s run on the original X-Men, this is a sequel), as well as the one-shots Women of Marvel: Celebrating Seven Decades and X-23.

Further superhero thrills can be found in DC's Batman International (wherein the Dark Knight fights crime in countries other than the US), Superman 80-Page Giant (wherein writers who haven't done much - if any - work for DC tell short stories about the Man of Steel), the Superman: Nightwing and Flamebird collection (Continuing the New Krypton storyline, and recommended) and golden age reprint collection Wonder Woman Chronicles.

Dynamite continue to get into the costumed hero action with Green Hornet Year One (written by Grendel creator Matt Wagner), while similar pulp action thrills are offered up by two Flash Gordon collections, Mercy Wars and The Secret History of Mongo.


Elsewhere, IDW's Transformers not only get a new hardcover collection of movie-continuity comics (Transformers Movie Collection Vol. 1) but also a new series written by TF-meister Simon Furman: Transformers: Nefarious. IDW also have a collection of guilty pleasure extraordinaire, The Last Resort, which is a must for fans of slasher movies. For the more high-minded amongst you, Days Missing, the time-traveling series from Rod Roddenberry, gets a hardcover collection for your attention.

Despite all of that, we've still not gotten to the really good stuff, which is the following three Picks of The Week: Image Comics have what they're calling the Titan Edition of I Kill Giants, a 300-page hardcover collection of Joe Kelly and JM Nimura's masterful tale of a schoolgirl who either kills mythical beasts in her spare time, or thinks that she does; it's the entire series, plus new extras.


Meanwhile, DC's Wildstorm imprint have a collection of Mysterius The Unfathomable, Jeff Parker and Tom Fowler's severly underrated series that reads like Douglas Adams and looks like MAD Magazine and should be loved by anyone who has a taste for the unusual without managing to lose their sense of humor (Which is my way of saying, buy it, people), and their Vertigo imprint has the first, beautiful, issue of Scott Snyder and Stephen King's American Vampire; even if you're not interested in an alternate history of the US as populated by a new breed of bloodsucker, you owe it to your eyeballs to pick it up for the artwork of Rafael Alburquerque alone. Really, a spectacular-looking book.

All of those, and more, can be found in this week's shipping list right now, and then your local comic store tomorrow. As long as your list includes Mysterius, Giants and Vampire, we'll all be good.