Screen Shots Predator

So the trailer begins and we see the our new heroes assembled on the mysterious planet, spooked by a noise off in the distance. Remember this film isn't on Earth — the Predators snatched up the worst of the worst from our world and brought them back to their "game preserve" of sorts where each member of this newly assembled team of the most ruthless killers in the world could be hunted. So, what are the most dangerous people on the planet so afraid of?

A better angle. Note Topher Grace is continuing with his plan to get the hell outta dodge.

Walton Goggins, on the left, is playing Stans, a convict who is armed only with a prison-made knife. Topher Grace's character, however, is rumored to be the worst of the bunch: he's a mild-mannered accountant-type, who is really a serial killer. Still not really sure how this helps him in the jungle, but whatever — he's a wild card, maybe he has a jar of testicles he carries around with him, AMMIRITE Mr. Rodriguez?


But that being said, what are they so afraid of? We can only assume it's a Predator or....

The Predator RIGHT BEHIND THEM!!! We spotted this little guy hanging out in the back, and not moving around that much. Is he a prisoner? Are his arms all tied up? It's really too soon to tell, but he definitely looks uncomfortable. This makes us wonder if this has something to do with the fact that Rodriguez wrote a side story in the film about two different Predator tribes on this planet, is this guy a prisoner of Predator war? Can they use him as leverage? Just speculation at this point, but interesting none the less. More on this later.

Next up is a better look at Alice Braga's character, Isabelle, a kick ass sharp shooter rifle who spends most of her time lugging around a 14-pound gun, according to her.

And now more questions. How did they all get on this planet? The voice-over asks what's the last thing they remember. The answer, "falling." Lets assume this is from the spaceship that transported them from Earth to this jungle. But here's the exceptionally strange rub, if they were pushed out of the ship, how did they not die? And who put on their chute if "falling" is the last thing they remember?

Clearly they were given or strapped into parachutes as you can see from the first picture to this one where Topher Grace dangles from a tree, chute all twisted about him. But come on — there's something not right about imagining the Predators gently tucking each victim into a parachute before flinging them out the door, but hey whatever they had to get on that darn planet somehow. I mean it's not like this alien race has all but perfected space travel, oh wait darn.

And besides the Predators having access as long as the knowledge as to how to use human military equipment, why not keep that game up? This can't be the first time they've brought humans to this planet. (Spoiler: it isn't.) So in all likelihood, there should have been all types of historical baddies roaming around this jungle. Like whoever owned this gun Adrien is holding, which I can't recognize but think that it looks like a 20s Tommy Gun. Predators Vs. Gangsters!


Please let me know what type of gun this is. I'm actually curious. UPDATE: Okay, it turns out it's an AA-12 fully automatic shotgun. Thank you everyone who let me know!

And speaking of insane weaponry what the hell is Laurence Fishburne holding, in both of his hands? Fishburne, whom we already know is playing a feral woodsman who lives among the Predator clans after escaping from their clutches years before the new gang gets there, is insanely geared-up here. In a clip shown at SXSW and explained by Rodriguez, we found out that Fishburne has mastered the alien technology and by wearing the Predator suit, he can use their cloaking device. But are those dreadlocks still connected to the helmet? Yuck. So basically he's wearing Predator skin — too bad Rodriguez updated their costumes, or else we may have gotten to see Fishburne sporting the fishnet body sock.

Texas terrain, lovely. Also that looks like Fishburne in the front, with his Predator scalp on.

Then things start to get really wild. This image with the blues and fire and hues of pink was the first real time I was reminded of the original Predator. Plus the main character Adrien Brody, who is playing Royce, is finally stripping off the layers and getting into Arnold mode.

See Arnold muddy mode, and yes we do miss the 80s nut job action heroes of yesterday. Also, one of these things is not like the other, one of these thing, doesn't belong. Just sayin'.

The Predators that are hunting the humans are super hunters, which was something Rodriguez reinforced at his SXSW talks. There's a Predator that hunts with birds of prey and Predator that hunts with Predator puppies, which you can see right here. There's also a whole gallery of Predator Hound concept art in a separate gallery.

The Predators that are hunting the humans are super hunters, which was something Rodriguez reinforced at his SXSW talks. There's a Predator that hunts with birds of prey and Predator that hunts with Predator puppies, which you can see right here. There's a whole gallery of Predator Hound concept art in a separate gallery. Also, cute Puppy yawn.

Also it seems like the jungle may not be all that it appears to be, or at least there might be a sick Predator ship or temple that the crew gets to crawl through. Let's assume it's a ship, because we're not really sure what the conclusion to this film would be if there was any human left, and they were stuck on this planet, left to die in the jungle. They need at least the idea of hope and the promise of home.

Classic Predator heat vision. Swoon.

Take a peek at the secret back tatts from the formerly suited up Louis Ozawa Changchien. His character is the Japanese enforcer named Hanzo, and he wields a samurai sword. Hmmm sword, Hanzo, Hanzo sword, Kill Bill, Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, hmmmm.

The next character is holding, that's right, a minigun, nice shout out to Jesse "The Body" Ventura and the original Predators, and no I don't care that a minigun is a highly illogical weapon, it's bad ass. The man holding the gun is Oleg Taktarov who is playing the Russian named Nikolai.

Nikolai also seems to get abused the most by the Predator. And damn we never noticed this before, but don't those aliens love to get all grabby with everyone's face? Amazing.

When a Predator is holding a loose and long object in their hand, it can never be anything good. But call us crazy, could that be a Predator spine this other Pred is holding? Perhaps this has something to do with the whole tribe thing.

And the fact that two teams of Predators are fighting against each other is probably the only reason that Adrien Brody's character is still standing. By the way, this is a fantastic shot that has been burned in my brain for days, and the first real look at this new film that gets me excited to see more. Very clever.