British comic Dan Dare is coming to the big screen, starring scifi hunk-du-jour Sam Worthington. But back in the 1980s, legendary model-maker Martin Bower created these designs for a Dan Dare movie that never got made. Look back in wonder.

British company ATV tried to make a Dan Dare TV movie and series in the early 1980s, but it never got much past the planning stages. Lucky for us, those plans included models from Bower, who created these lovely images that look like something from the Radium Age. Shadowlocked, which has many more images, explains:

The photos were provided to me by UK-based model-maker Martin Bower, whose pedigree (on series such as Space:1999 and The Tripods, and films such as Alien, Outland and Flash Gordon) is impeccable, and the models that he created to kick-start the production are beautiful examples of the sci-fi strip created by illustrator Frank Hampson in 1950. The most recognisable and faithfully-reproduced craft is Dare's personal starship the Anastasia.

The original Dan Dare comic is about a space pilot somewhat like Buck Rogers who fights galactic Hitlers and other exoplanetary nasties.

via Shadowlocked

St. Christopher Rescue Ship

The Anastasia

Comic book Anastasia

Mars Space Station