Up to your ears with Ben Linus' homework all week? Never fear we have the best of the week right here. This week extreme dwarf systems, exclusive pics from the "Latin District 9" Monsters, and insights from the FlashForward cast.

Lost Fan Will Create 365 Pieces Of Art For Each Day Of The Year
Lost überfan Jared Stumpenforst is a graphic designer with a mission. For each day of this year, he will compose 365 Lost-themed illustrations. He's made 31 pictures to date. Admire his cheeky takes on Flocke, Ben, and Richard's sensual gaze.

Claire Light's Chapbook Investigates Surreal Crimes of Astrobiology
Claire Light's new collection Slightly Behind And To The Left (Aqueduct Press), you'll find yourself drawn into dark, surreal worlds that will leave you feeling shaken for days afterward. In a good way.

Superhero Tragedy Porn Is Bad For Comics
In our post-Watchmen era, superhero writers often turn to dark'n'gritty plots to give their comics greater narrative heft. Unfortunately, these "adult" story lines are to tragedy what porn is to sex: a hyper-stylized, wholly disposable facsimile of the real thing.

First Image Of Our New Mexican Alien Overlords, From "Monsters"
We've got an exclusive image from what people are calling the "The Latin District 9," or Gareth Edwards' Monsters. Is this street art a representation of the possible octopus aliens that have been quarantined in Mexico? Plus a new clip.

Does FlashForward's Premise Make Sense? We Asked The Producer And Stars
FlashForward returns March 18, and we just got a glimpse of our own television future. We talked to stars Joseph Fiennes and John Cho, and new showrunner Jessika Borsiczky, and asked some tough questions about time-visualizing and bromance. Spoilers ahead.

Most Extreme White Dwarf System Ever Found!
In a universe of supermassive stars and galactic cannibalism, what makes astronomers call a star system "extreme"? Megaspeed. A group at University of Warwick found two white dwarf stars revolving around each other in a blinding 5.4 minutes.

Alice Braga: The New Predators Are The Darkest Yet
Alice Braga shared stories about lugging around a 14-pound sniper rifle while her all-male Predators cast-mates all carry bitty knives. And she told us why these Predators were scarier than I Am Legend's CG zombies/vamps. So far, so good.

Gold Nanoparticles and Lasers Kill the Brain Parasite That Causes "Crazy Cat Lady" Syndrome
Toxoplasmosis, a common food- and pet-borne illness linked to hallucinations, personality alteration, and, since it's often carried by house pets, the stereotype of the crazy cat lady, infects around 15 percent of the US population

Tron Legacy Trailer Stills Reveal Secrets, Plot Points And Upgrades
We're not done freaking out over last night'sTron Legacy trailer Recognizer reveal. There's so much more packed into each digitized frame - including glimpses at the Tron City nightclub scene, the Tron Car and few classic cameos