We're not done freaking out over last night'sTron Legacy trailer Recognizer reveal. There's so much more packed into each digitized frame — including glimpses at the Tron City nightclub scene, the Tron Car and few classic cameos.

The one thing everyone seems to be the most excited about since the trailer debut is the appearance of the Reco, or the Recognizer. The stark differences and similarities with the original easily demonstrate exactly what we're in for in Tron Legacy. Everything just looks better, and it should.

A lone figure stands a top ye olde ENCOM building looking out on a brown and colorless world. Who could it be?

Why, its Sam Flynn of course! And why is he up there? Because he misses his papa Kevin Flynn, according to...

Adorable Bruce Boxleitner, who is returning to Tron Legacy as Alan Bradley. Remember, he was the original Tron — or at least his program was. Anyways Alan is narrating the sorrow of Sam's abandonment. Where is Kevin Flynn? Alan seems to know, and mysteriously hands the motorcycling-riding Sam a pair of keys. Which just so happen to unlock... his friend's old, and once very popular, arcade.

Side note, Sam's misery apartment is ridiculous. I know it's supposed to look unkept, but that is one hell of a view, also nice Ducati ace, Kevin Flynn may be gone, but it looks like his kin still has access to the bank account. But we digress — to the arcade.

Flynn's Arcade looks sadly run down, compared to the state it was in during the original film, as you can see below.

Plus, it looks like Kevin Flynn upgraded his own Space Paranoids game with a Tron character, see the light suit in the Tron Legacy Space Paranoids poster?


UPDATE: Looks like it's two posters, and the Tron game, which is hiding Flynn's secret work studio, poster is covering up the old Paranoids game, and is now peeling.

Sam enters his Dad's old Arcade and we immediately think of the introduction on the trailer to the original Tron, when the camera panned down rows of half light technology. Intentional nod, or are we reading too much into it? Either way, we like it.

After discovering the secret passage, Sam "hacks" into his Dad's old office, much like Kevin did at the ENCOM building, wiping off the programmers green touch screen.

Also, exactly like his father, Sam falls victim to the same over-the-shoulder digitizer trick. One would think that Kevin Flynn wouldn't put a digitizer ray exactly in the same spot where he was bamboozled and sucked into the computer in the first place. But hey, maybe that was the whole point?

We didn't get to see Sam Flynn get sucked into the computer in this trailer. But here is a still from the original flick to give us all an idea. But after seeing what Tron Legacy has in store for us in the Tron world, I can't even imagine what's going to happen here.

Now we're in the computer. Colors are more vibrant, but the background is all black. Check out a snail's eye view comparison, with old Tron City on the bottom and new Tron City on top. It's the total Wizard of Oz twist.

Here's a larger view, lightcycle rider making his approach.

Next we see the people, the shiny sexy, slinky new citizens of Tron. Olivia Wilde's character Quorra has ditched the white unitard for a leathery look, a dominatrix cut, eyeliner and wedge heels. Another thing I really like about this picture of Quorra is that she seems to be inside older Kevin Flynn's home. If you remember the test footage, older Flynn was living in some sky high penthouse with a light up floor and odd not very Tron City-like furniture. Here Quorra is lounging in an amazing light up antique, lucite love seat, please let this start a new interior decorating trend. So why is she in original Flynn's light-up penthouse?

A small shot of the new light disc stadium, looks like a suspended clear racquetball court, if you look past the wall you can see what appears to be a crowd.

But before we get to see old Flynn, we see new Flynn, or rather his program from the original, Clu. Check out the difference, old Clu on the bottom, new Clu on top. Looks like Clu and his gang of Vulcan-eared pals are breaking into Flynn's pad. Makes us wonder what type of person Flynn has become, after being holed up in a computer world as a real aging person for so many years. What does he eat? Sadly the only shot we see of Flynn is a tight shot in the end.


Can we go ahead and also assume that new Clu is evil? Red/orange colors usually = evil in this world.

More pictures of Flynn's pad, including chandelier and Michael Jackson walkway floor.

Another upgrade in the Tron Legacy film is the fashions — we went from no hair and helmets to stylish up-dos and slinky ensembles. Ah, you're both pretty ladies.

Here we have Michael Sheen channeling his best Bowie impression, as Tron City's hottest nightclub host. Fingers crossed that's an air guitar he's holding. Sheen has described his role as:

Amazing, because there's a lot of green screen in that...But my stuff was mainly in this amazing set that they built because I'm a nightclub host, so they built the nightclub and there were hundreds of extras and it was one of those great scenes where there's just loads going on.

The house band for this club? Why Daft Punk, naturally. Listen to their new Tron Legacy track here. UPDATE, whoops that's fake, sorry!

Here is the first snap of the much rumored Light Car we've heard about.

Additional flying disc shots.

Looks like the lightcycles have a lot more give in this upgrade as well.