This trailer starts off much like the first. With Tony at his Expo appearance, Ironmanettes behind him wagging their wiggle and showing off their hand lights. "We love you, Tony!"

But spit take and a jump over to a panoramic shot of the Stark mansion, and we see Tony getting buff in his boxing ring. What you wanna bet that the faceless boxer to the right is another cameo moment for the film's director Jon Favreau, who plays Tony's bodyguard, Happy?

Two gorgeous assistants: Pepper Potts and Black Widow. I really need to look into that disgustingly attractive temp agency next time I need some notary work done. And naturally, Tony meets the slo-mo moving Black Widow and is all, "I'm a dog. Hire her. This is what i do, right?".

Now let's introduce Whiplash, here he is working like a maniac: welding, and dwelling, saving up the money has so he can audition for the fancy pants ballet uptown. But only if they let him dance it his way. And he's dancing like he's never danced before....Sorry there is so much Flashdance in this picture, I can't handle it.

I actually love this little frame that flashes by in Whiplash's lab, very "lightning in a bottle" no?

Then more of the same from the past trailer. Tony brings out his race car, a nice nod to the comics, and Whiplash sneaks into the fancy race and electric whips Tony's car, flipping it over and bringing Tony down.

Tony must be beat...

...because damn, look at the extension on those lightning whips. They are a force to be reckoned with, no doubt, unless you had a gun and was standing back from a safe distance. Details, details.

Later on in the trailer, it's also revealed that Whiplash gets his toys right around Tony's neck. Looks like curtains for our hero, but not really.

But the next still manages two answer two of our questions: 1) Did Tony make it our of the car race alive? Yes, as you can see him in the background when Whiplash has been captured. 2) Boxers or briefs, Mickey?

Then it's time for a triangle upgrade for Tony as he sets about making his new suit.

Sam Rockwell, or Justin Hammer, tries to seduce Whiplash with sundae and white roses.

Apparently Whiplash was taken in by Justin's ice cream and tall tales of killing Tony Stark, because next thing ya know, he's pulling the "Cool Guys Don't Look At Explosions" walk away escape.

And is in Justin Hammer's factory. "Time to make the robots."

Looks like Tony still has the same kick ass computer, touch-responsive Minority Report-esque computer. Let's hope it keeps the Paul Bettany voice.

More Upgrades to old MARKs.

Now, back to the expo, looks like War Machine and Justin Hammer's machines are trying to rain on Tony's patriotic parade.

And sure enough Justin does appear on stage, looking like Bill Gates to Tony's Steve Jobs.

Plus looks like the government has chosen Hammer's side over Tony's — look at the mass produced kill bots with NAVY stamped on their backs.

At least War Machine has the double barrel ready to fight the dirty robots.

Black Widow goes from notary to crotch slamming kick ass spy. Watch this frame-by-frame break down of the most worthless crotch-to-face smash ever. Ah, comic books and movies, we will forever love your ridiculousness.

Here you can see two different MARKS fighting each other. How did this happen? Is Tony fighting an AI, did someone get in his old suit? Please tell us more! Most likely it's a pissed-off Rhodey, sick of playing second fiddle to Tony's "lone gunman" routine. Maybe if he, or another character — everyone seems to be stealing in this picture — "borrows" a bit of tech from Iron Man, they can start their own Armor Wars.

Nick Fury, "What do they call a Big Mac?"

A "behind-the-scenes" look at an ironmanette.

Not an Ironmanette, just a scantily clad lady hoping to steal your technology and sell it off to her secret corporation.

Finally the travel armor, which comes in sexy red briefcase packaging.

I know there's a better image of the Tony Stark travel armor somewhere else, but until I can find it you'll have to make do with this parallel. Nice upgrade.

Inside the helmet one last time