Last week, a list of possible actors testing to play Captain America was leaked. We can now cross one of those hopefuls off the list. Also, one persistent Peter Parker casting rumor is squished for good.

Slashfilm spotted the would-be Captain America , Michael Cassidy, better known as Grant Gabriel, and Lois Lane love interest, from Smallville twittering that he didn't get the part. Sorry to hear that, Cassidy — we always liked you as GG.


That's one down, and several more to go. Let's hope the studio doesn't keep us waiting too long.

In other casting cut news, Logan Lerman the youth lead from Percy Jackson is also out of the running for the role of high-school Spider-Man, according to Movie Web. In fact, the site says the rumors were all false.


Which is strange, because Lerman wasn't denying the rumors during our interview at the Percy Jackson premiere. So it's back to the drawing board for Sony, but we probably won't have to wait too long, since Sony wants to release this reboot in July of 2012.