The new Clash of the Titans flick is promising some seriously good monster. I mean, have you see that kraken's mouth? Holy crap. But how do its monsters stack up against the original 1981 Clash with Ray Harryhausen effects?

Let us contemplate the differences, shall we? Click each image to learn more, and to find out which monster won each round. Can newfangled CGI effects ever beat the glory of claymation master Harryhausen?

Several images of the new flick were posted on Bloody Disgusting, scanned from Empire magazine - you can see even more there.

Here is one of the new TV spots for Clash Of The Titans, which gives you a good look at the monsters in action, as well as those pesky human characters whose job it is to give the monsters something to do. Take a long hard look at the kraken. Fuck it is totally fucking awesome. Love those teeth.

Here is the original kraken, as created by Ray Harryhausen. Four arms equals four thumbs up from me. Still, even though I love Harryhausen, I'm going to have to say that the new kraken wins this round.


Here's the new pegasus, from the Empire magazine spread, giving the mega-flap to poor Perseus there. Is Sam Worthington doomed to be flapped at by giant winged steeds in every movie he stars in? Not a bad fate actually.


Here is the original pegasus. Sorry, but this pegasus easily creams that CGI thing. This guy looks fuzzy and friendly - I want to ride him. The other pegasus looks too shiny and fake to be a trusty steed. OG pegasus wins this round.

Not convinced? Here is more OG pegasus looking awesome in front of the OG kraken.


Personally I think Medusa is overrated as a monster, though I did love me some Uma Thurman Medusa in Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. This is the new Medusa, and the main thing recommending her frankly is the hint of boobage.


Here's the old school Medusa. She's got that Wicked Witch Of The West vibe, which I like. Evil crones are way better monsters than anybody gives them credit for. Plus, the lack of boobs makes her scarier. OG Medusa wins.

From the Empire magazine spread, I bring you the new giant scorpions. Not only are these guys awesome fighters, as you saw in the trailer, but they are also basically the luxury vehicles of the mythological age. Who wouldn't want to set up camp on the carapace of a supergiant stinging insect? I'm blown away.


The OG scorps are a little embarrassing after that resplendent creature you just saw. Sure they're cool, but they're too small to hold my sofa and 50" plasma screen. Sorry, Harry, but newfangled scorp wins this round.