Last week Diana Eng unveiled her Fairytale Fashion collection at the Eyebeam Art and Technology Center in New York. Equal parts high-grade electronics and fabrics, Eng's collection is straight from a future where arc reactors are haute couture.

More information on Eyebeam's upcoming art and technology shows can be found here and some of the fashions can be purchased at Diana Eng's website.

The Twinkle Dress and Twinkle Cardigan, which are embroidered with LED circuits.

The Twinkle Dress and Twinkle Cardigan.

The Twinkle Dress and Twinkle Cardigan.

The Deployable Hoodie, which transforms....

...into a massive Jawa-like cowl.

The EL Wire Dress is silk chiffon and electroluminescent wire controlled by a accelerometer. The circuits are hidden in the neckpiece.

The Twinkle Skirt with hidden LED circuits.

The Inflatable Dress, which transforms from a regular skirt...

...into an entire gown.