Megan Fox has always been the number one choice to replace Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft. Sadly, it wasn't meant to be.. But Kristen Stewart? That's a terrible idea, Hollywood. Here are much more appropriate choices to don Croft's thigh-guns.


IESB is reporting that Kristen Stewart was approached for the role of Lara Croft. We understand trying to get a "hot" star with a fan following, but this is insanity. Lara Croft does not spend her time biting her lip and making sad faces.

So here are the actresses, or Hollywood people, that producer Dan Lin should be approaching, now that Megan Fox isn't going anywhere near this live action adaptation.


Amanda Seyfried

Why She's A Kill Shot: We know she can kick some ass thanks to Jennifer's Body, she's the "hot newness" on the block right now, and she's a good actress.

Why This Tomb Raider Is Cursed: Might be a bit too young, plus there's that whole accent issue.


Minka Kelly
Why She's A Kill Shot: Young, slightly unknown, she'd be a great and cheap choice as a break-out star. Plus she'd probably welcome the part as it's very different from her current characters.

Why This Tomb Raider Is Cursed: Age β€” she's still playing 18-year-olds.


Kristin Kreuk

Why She's A Kill Shot: Already has a rabid fan base, can act and kick ass at the same time.

Why This Tomb Raider Is Cursed: Might be a dated decision, since KK may have already peaked.


Sasha Gray

Why She's A Kill Shot: She's got the look, and the brand new acting rep, thanks to her Steven Soderbergh-directed debut.


Why This Tomb Raider Is Cursed: But will she alienate audiences?

Kim Kardashian

Why She's A Kill Shot: "Reasons"

Why This Tomb Raider Is Dead: We're not sure if she can act β€” or talk in a non baby-doll voice, let alone talk in an English accent. But we have a feeling no one would care.