Fighting game Tekken has released a batch of new movie stills from the live-action movie adaptation. And while we're still waiting for the cheetah-headed King character, we're shocked that actors are actually showing more skin than in the video game.

Not that we're complaining, but we've found that live action adaptations always seem to make their characters quite a bit more conservative than their video-game counterparts. Not the case for Tekken, except for maybe Christie Montiero, the real life characters are predominately much less conservative than their CG personas.

Check out the side-by-side comparisons. We have to say, after viewing the trailer and these pictures, we're getting pretty excited for the B-List fight-fest Tekken. At the very least, it looks much better than Mortal Kombat and Chun-Li. If just needs more Panda fighters and we're sold.

[via Tekken Site and Creative Uncut]