DC Direct was in full effect at Toy Fair with Blackest Night action figures, Jonah Hex statuettes, and the gee-whiz True Blood bar signs. Yes, now you can turn your rumpus room into your own personal Fangtasia.

io9 got a firsthand look at DC Direct's 2010 line-up. Given the sales success of Blackest Night and the upcoming Green Lantern film, zombified (and Lanternized) superheroes were everywhere, starting with this Blackest Night Series 5 Black Lantern Batman (August 2010).

The Blackest Night Deluxe Sinestro Corps Mongul (August 2010). In the background you can see the light-up Blackest Night Power Ring Spectrum Set (July 2010). They're like the comic book ring giveaways but these ones light up.

The Blackest Night Series 6 Star Sapphire Wonder Woman (November 2010).

The Sinestro Corp Power Battery Prop Replica (October 2010). The accompanying ring lights up when you hold it to the Lantern.

The Jonah Hex Jonah Hex movie bust (May 2010). A John Malkovich Turnbull bust will be released in May as well.

The Jonah Hex Leila movie bust (May 2010). Finally, a Megan Fox for both home and office!

The awesomely simple True Blood bar sign (November 2010). DC Direct will also release a Merlotte's sign in July 2010 and a Fangtasia sign that will be available through HBO.

Eric Northman, Sookah, and Vampire Beeeel busts (July 2010).

Women of the DC Universe Series 3 Batgirl by Amanda Conner (April 2010).

Batman Black & Statue by Frank Quitely (May 2010).

The DC Chronicles first appearance Superman statue does NOT mess around (May 2010).

A Michael Keaton Batman statue? Yes, please. (October 2010)

From DC Unlimited, the Mass Effect Series 1 gang: Grunt, Tali, and Shepard (August 2010).

The manga-inspired Ame-Comi Heroines line boasts a Robin (available soon) and a Wonder Girl (background; April 2010)...

...but the bebopping Jade was the real winner of the Ame-Comi statues (November 2010).

Snow White and Bigby from Fables (August 2010).

The completed three-piece Green Lantern: Legacies statue (Spring 2010).