Get caught up with cutting out io9's Valentines Day cards for your special cyborg? Never fear here's a special round-up of our Romance 3000AD week, which includes screwtopia, Gremlins exclusives, epic science-fiction love stories, and Toyfair previews.

To Get No Valentines . . . Would Be A Disaster!!!
When io9 asked me if I could break away from my busy schedule of being awesome and create some disastrous Valentines . . . How could I say no? I love you all, and dammit you deserve it!!!

The Science Of Metal Fever, Or How To Build Your Sexbot
Futurama showed us a world with space travel, robot sidekicks, and Al Gore riding the Mighty Moon Worm, but what really made hearts beat faster were the downloadable Lucy Liu robots. How close are we to robot lovin'?

Kevin McKidd Wishes He Were A Sexy Centaur
We hit up Poseidon himself, Kevin McKidd, from the Percy Jackson and The Olympians film, and quizzed him about bringing the fantasy books to life. We also gave him a complex about the sexiest of the cloven-hoofed beasts: the centaurs.

People Who Have Sex With Spaceships And Other Awesome Vehicles in Science Fiction
There's nothing hotter than feeling your spaceship throb beneath you as it switches into FTL drive. Same goes for the smooth metal touch of a car. Want to get busy with your machine? Here's a list of people who have.

Toyfair 2010 Is Coming
Wondering how to charge your Sinestro Corps ring? Or looking for a new Power Girl bust, as designed by PG artist extraordinaire Amanda Conner? You'll get your chance to find what you're looking for at next week's Toyfair 2010.

Science Fiction's 10 Most Epic Love Stories
Science fiction gives us space wars and robot uprisings, but there's nothing as huge and awesome as a love story that spans star systems or timelines. Here's our list of the top 10 greatest romances in science fiction.

The Chemicals of Love – Five Ways Science Helps You Get Turned On
Humans have been trying to find a chemical shortcut to love (or just lust) for thousands of years. But has anyone proven that aphrodisiacs work? Yes! Today, we give you five scientifically-verified substances that get you ready for love.

Another Gremlins Film? That's News To Spielberg
Gremlins scribe Chris Columbus put the new movie rumors to bed, with the help of original executive producer Stephen Spielberg. What do they seem much more interested in: a Goonies 2 "all grown up with kids" feature.

Screwtopia! The 5 Types Of Erotic Dystopia In Science Fiction
If you think sex in the 21st century sucks, just be glad you don't live in one of these scifi dystopias. When Big Brother is a peeping Tom and three-penised mutants are eligible bachelors, getting off is a turn-off.

Television's Bleakest Post-Apocalyptic Saga Comes To America
Here's an exclusive clip from The Survivors, the remake of Britain's most apocalyptic 1970s series that launches on BBC America this Saturday at 8. It may be the bleakest, most misanthropic view of life after an apocalypse. Spoilers ahead...