When io9 asked me if I could break away from my busy schedule of being awesome and create some disastrous Valentines . . . How could I say no? I love you all, and dammit you deserve it!!!

So view these, send these, or print them out and leave them in the box on the desk of that cute girl in your class who one day you'll be much cooler and more successful than, but for now, she's all you can think about. ROMANCE... IT'S A DISASTER!!! Click on all for enlargement.

Love sees no boundaries It goes beyond sex, race, religion, and even species. Though Wickus's wife might have something to say about that.

Hey pal, I'll open my pod bay doors for you anytime. wait.

While on the topic of Video Games and love, can we all just agree that Motion Sensitive controllers really aren't being put to their best use? C'mon Japan, we have enough dating sims... get on that!!! (and yes I pondered quite some time as to which effect/affect to use)

Hill people need love too.

Had to throw in this message from my friend, the supreme leader of ROACH, The Potentate. Sorry for the intrusion.

I don't care what timeline you're in, everyone loves Valentines Day. Though Sawyer may take this one off, what with Juliet, well you know. OR IS SHE?!!?! DUH DUH DUUHHHHH!!!!!

I did some research and apparently Directive #5 is "Snuggle". Go figure.

Yeah. This Valentine's Day when you are sitting at the end of a quiet dinner with your special someone and they longingly look at you and softly declare "I love you". Be a badass. Say the right thing.

Who doesn't want to end with Zombies?!

Have a good Valentines day and remember... Sure, it's a shitty Halmark holiday and we've all had our fair shares of lonely, depressed, angry, V-Day's by ourselves playing Riven, or seeing a movie alone, or just drinking until we call the ex and beg to come over for one last mistake. But keep your chin up, the right person is out there for you, you will find happiness. Cause a life without love... It's a Disaster.

This is Garrison Dean saying you all are the best.