Spend all week starting your own space colonizing fund? Don't worry we've got everything you missed right here, including Oscar snubs, Peter Parker auditions, Pandora Planet break downs, and new space budgets.

It's Time To Get Serious About Colonizing Space
Today the Obama Administration unveiled its new budget for NASA, which included a shocker: Plans to return to the Moon have been scrapped. So why are we optimistic?

Another Gremlins Film? That's News To Spielberg
Gremlins scribe Chris Columbus put the new movie rumors to bed, with the help of original executive producer Stephen Spielberg. What do they seem much more interested in: a Goonies 2 "all grown up with kids" feature.

What's Next For District 9 Creators? Stone Monsters And Gritty Worlds
We checked in Oscar-nominated writer Terri Tatchell, the day after District 9 picked up four Academy nods. She talked about District 9 director Blomkamp's new project, her next scifi movie, and why this nomination is such a mystery to her.

The Biggest Oscar Snubs Ranked In Order Of Disappointment
While we're ecstatic that Avatar's loathsome original song didn't warble it's way into an Oscar nomination, those blue aliens and a few others did squeeze out a few of our favorites.

The Worst Superhero Movies Of All Time. Really.
In the past decade, the superhero has strode across our screens like a spandex-clad collossus, beating most other genres. The rise of superhero flicks has brought with it a flood of cinematic sewage, and here are the absolute worst.

SciFi Burlesque Show Proves Clothing Is Irrelevant [NSFW]
Last weekend, a group of lovely scifi fans were dressing up and stripping down at AM Preacher's Sci-Fi Burlesque show at Hellgate Social in Astoria. Seven and Six were there, as were Leeloo, Tank Girl, and Starbuck.


Three Reasons Why We're Closer Than Ever To Fusion Power
It seems like we're constantly just around the corner from fusion power, and that soon it'll solve our energy woes. While we're not quite there yet, three new reports all indicate we're at least getting a little closer.

Logan Lerman Talks Spider-Man: Is He Your Peter Parker?
News broke yesterday that Logan Lerman was one of the actors being considered for Peter Parker in Sony's Spidey reboot. We caught up with Lerman at the Lightning Thief premiere and tried tapping into his Spidey senses.

The 10 Worst Scifi Snubs In Oscar History
The Avatar hype machine is roaring at a Wagnerian pitch, but even James Cameron's giant Ewok epic is handicapped in the 2010 race. Why? Historically, Oscar voters aren't scifi fans.

Imagining The Fate Of Data After The Apocalypse
If modern civilization collapsed, could the survivors hope to rebuild using our massive stores of data? Unless we can come up with something way more permanent to put them on in the near future, we probably shouldn't bank on it.

The Complete History Of Pandora, According To Avatar's Designers
Avatar didn't sweep the Oscar nominations just because of its amazing special effects - it captured the hearts and imaginations of Academy voters because of its world-building. Here's the complete history of the movie's intricate world, from the designers themselves.

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