The first real footage from M. Night Shyamalan's Airbender came out this week and we've rounded up the latest screengrabs, poster and behind-the-scenes shots, to see if this live-action feature can live up to the cartoon.

Here are is a snap from the first footage of Katara and Sokka's water tribe. They were left their to defend their people. This was one of the on-location sets M. Night Shyamalan built, in Iceland.

Racebending the most vocal of all fan groups complaining that M. Night has white-washed their Airbender movie, seems to have mixed feelings about the trailer. Many are still upset about the copious white characters, some were lured in by the FX, and others remained cautious since it didn't show any of the character interactions, which is truly the heart of the Airbender tale. Seems like we'll have to wait for more details and footage before getting a consensus.

This first image, in the trailer — it might be the boats used by the warriors of the water tribe. All those who could fight were sent to the Earth nation to fend off the Fire nation. In the water tribe, where two of our main characters live, Katara and Sokka, these could be the boats you see gliding through the ice bergs. Plus it couldn't be Fire nation ships because, as we know, they don't use small boats to land. They just crash the whole ship into wherever they want to go. Fire nation!

Here's a better look at the brother and sister team of Sokka, played by Twilighter Jackson Rathbone and Katara played by newcomer Nicola Peltz

And another side shot of Sokka's pony tail and Katara's waterbending skills.

What will firebending and earthbending look like? This. We've already seen airbending from the small teaser that was released a few months back, but this is the fist look at the other elemental bending.

And speaking of earthbenders this brand new poster makes us think that either Keyoshi the earthbending avatar will be making a cameo, or at the very least, the clan of ass kicking female warriors who fight with fans, pictured above.

Appa the six-legged flying bison makes a quickie cameo in the new trailer, which our friends at UGO pointed out first. Here he is hanging out in the corner wagging his massive tail. To quote Sokka, "classic Appa."

When Aang really gets crackin' and unleashes his inner avatar, his tatts light up along with his eyes. The one thing that I'll actually say the movie does better than the animation, at this point, is the tattoos. It's an intricate system of symbols and writing that all come together, to form the arrows on his hands, lines on his back, and forehead. Looks bad-ass, even on a child.

But who is he getting light-up-eyes angry with? Mostly, pissed off teen Prince Zuko, played by Dev Patel. This will be only the second film we've seen him in, and it's a total twist from his last character in Slumdog Millionaire. We're curious to see what he does with all the rage this character faces, being Prince of the Fire Nation and generally conflicted about his future.

Here's the first image oh what looks like the Northern Water Tribe, which is where the big final battle happens at the end of the first season. We've been wondering what this would look like when all was said and done, because how do you build a half-ice, half-water, snow world? Well, like that.

And finally, more Fire nation ships.