The scientific and pseudoscientific worlds are buzzing over that mysterious, x-shaped object zooming through space at 11,000 mph. But it's just one of several recent UFOs that caught our attention. Vote on which is most likely piloted by aliens.

Your first contender is, of course Object X, pictured above and below in closeup.

Last month, there was the "green jellyfish" light over Norway.

In December, there was that weird triangle hovering over the Kremlin in Russia.

Earlier that month, we witnessed the mystery spiral over Norway.

In October, there was the Moscow "light circle."

Also in October, Argentinians witnessed a cow being sucked into a UFO. Evidence of the bovine burglary was demonstrated via these images, analyzed by UFOlogists.

In July, this jellyfish crop circle was said to have been left by aliens predicting a solar storm.

Now it's time to vote.