The BBC is auctioning off tons and tons of original costumes and props from Doctor Who, both the classic and new series. And the auction site includes pictures (some poignant, some hilarious) of original-series costumes after a bit of decay.

Check out the rest over at Bonhams — and if you're in the U.K., do try to stop by the auction on Feb. 24. You could waltz out of there with an original-series Cyberman for not all that much. And yes, some of these costumes do look very, very silly - but bear in mind they've been falling apart in a store-room for 25 years.

The Malus, from "The Awakening"

Dalek transmat, "Remembrance Of The Daleks"

Mandrill, "Nightmare On Eden"

Destroyed Cyberman, "Earthshock"

Haemovore, "Curse Of Fenric"

Cryon, "Attack Of The Cybermen"

headdress, "The Twin Dilemma"

Small Malus, "The Awakening"

Cheetah person, "Survival"

Alien delegate, "Mindwarp"

Sea Devil, "Warriors Of The Deep"

Guard, "The Deadly Assassin"

Navarino, "Delta And The Bannermen"

Kandyman, "The Happiness Patrol"

Foamasi, "The Leisure Hive"

Haemovore, "The Curse Of Fenric"

Tractator, "Frontios"

Nimon, "Horns Of Nimon"

Another Haemovore

Dalek battle harness, "Remembrance"

Morlox, "Timelash"

Plasmoid, "Time Flight"

Head of a Marshman, "Full Circle"

Marshman, "Full Circle"

Jackson Lake, "The Next Doctor"

Rose, "The Empty Child"

Time brain, "Time And The Rani"

Kroll, "The Power Of Kroll"

The Captain, "The Pirate Planet"

Astrid, "Voyage Of The Damned"

Cyberman, "Silver Nemesis"

Another cheetah person

Mestor, "The Twin Dilemma"

Ace's bomber jacket

And another cheetah person

David Tennant's neckties

Kiv, from "Mindwarp." There's also Sil's original costume

The Garm, "Terminus"

Dalek, "Remembrance"

God of Ragnarok, "Greatest Show In The Galaxy" There are also some evil robot clowns.

Dalek, "Remembrance"

Vervoid, "Terror Of The Vervoids"