Welcome to the strange, lush world of Snaiad, home to a future Earth colony. Currently it supports a variety of shocking fauna, which creator Nemo Ramjet has meticulously documented, also providing maps and a geopolitical history of the planet.

If you want to start somewhere, there's a great timeline for Snaiad's development, which helpfully includes information on our future colonization efforts on this bizarre new world. I particularly like this moment in the future timeline, describing what happens to the first generation created by a generation ship that's arrived at Snaiad:

433-533 years [after the present day]: Hectic efforts at settlement and colonization are complicated by widespread madness and depression among the machine-made Firstborn generation. Surviving Sleepers intervene; invent the first Snaiadi religions as a means of social control. Birth of Dicephalism, Nerdism, Jethjanism, Neo-Sabbatean sects and Snaiadi animal worship. The first naturally conceived generation is born on Snaiadi soil. "Arbophobe Wars" take place against local fauna. Advanced nanotechnology is used for "miracle" construction of cities and nanorail. The famous episode of Moiz Mavrokordatos; Influential Sleeper nanotechnologist secedes from the government of cities around the Neomediterranean, changes name to Sabbatai Sevi and claims to be the "Snaiadi Messiah." Several thousand people, mostly Firstborn, follow him.

I love this world, and you can help expand it too. Creator Ramjet welcomes additions to the world, and he explains how to participate here.


There are many more insane, gorgeous, and disturbing animals to see here. Many of them have alarming genitals, or themselves appear to be giant genitals. Which I think is a fine quality in alien life.

Visit Snaiad by journeying to the official home page. [spotted on Drawn!]