This morning, we showed off a spoilery screen cap from the new season of Lost. Naturally speculation has run wild, and we're here to set a few things straight, and ask a few more questions.

First up, the biggest deal was the return of Claire — with a big gun no less!

Looks like she's stopped being a smug ghost person with Jack's Dad and started being a real, gun-carrying person. Has she taken over the role of the feral crazy French woman? People are speculating yes. Either way, we're just glad she's no longer a condescending spirit.

Sandwiching the big Claire reveal were two text messages saying "Everything Changes" followed by "Plant a good seed and you will joyfully gather fruit."

What does it all mean? These were some of the images that Alex's poor boyfriend Karl was subjected to while being brainwashed by Ben in the Hydra compound. Next up in the line of mind-wiping text are the phrases "We are the causes of our own suffering" and "God loves you as He loved Jacob". So is the Lost marketing team trying to wipe our minds of all we previously knew about Lost?


Also worth noting, Room 23 was the same room Walt was held in, after he was taken by The Others. In that room, he explained that they made him take tests. Hopefully, this means we'll learn more about the underbelly of the The Others, and why they are only allowed access to certain things, plus how Walt can kill a bunch of birds with his brain.

Next, the promo asks us who will return? And basically lists off every single side character that we ever loved or hated from Boone to Libby. And speaking of Boone, no that is not who Claire is kissing in the new promo, it's old footage of her kiss with Charlie. But both Boone and Charlie are known to be coming back to Lost.

But most importantly on the topic of who will be back is the news from Hollywood Reporter that the man in black, Jacob's nemesis, played by Titus Welliver, is officially back.


Finally, let's take a look at the old footage. The promo restates the old dialogue that the survivors believe that they can "change their own destiny," a fact they took well into consideration when they tried to blow up a hydrogen bomb in last seasons finale. Then we see images of major events in reverse. Which gives the feel of past happenings being erased completely. Which, if the bomb was successful, should have changed the timeline... so we think.

Here's the promotion

All in all, Lost is always a riddle wrapped within a riddle, but we'd like to hear your theories as well.