In the future, cities will have no single location. Mounted on huge vehicles, skyscrapers will roam the steppes of Russia, forming temporary citiscapes then wandering on. This gallery of fantastical cities includes atmospheric purifiers beyond Earth and a waterfall metropolis.

These images are all drawn from the runners up and winners of the NVArt digital art challenge, whose theme this year was "Art Space: Architecture and Landscape." It was sponsored by the CG Society of Digital Artists. Contest entrants clearly grasped that "landscape" doesn't just mean the Earth of today: Several winners created cities of the far future, or set on other worlds.

I especially love these wandering cities because they remind me of Archigram's Walking City, which we've talked about before.

via CG Society of Digital Artists, spotted on Forbidden Planet (thanks, Bullfightsonacid!)

Wandering City
By Sergey Skachkov
Moscow, Russia

Complex at the Centre of the Universe, First Place winner
by Staszek Marek

Pinevalley Keeps
Georgi "Calader" Simeonov
United Kingdom

The Valley
Rudolf Herczog

Gaia's Gift
Petar Milivojevic

The Great Bayan, inspired by the Bayan Aul, an area in Kazakhstan. Second place winner.
by Sergey Skachkov

Mega Village 2108. Third place winner.
by Andrew Barton

Atmosphere Emitters
Brajan Martinovic

In a Beautiful Place out in the Country
Colin Cassidy

Water Plant
David González
Bilbao, España