Office worker Peter Shah took this picture by sticking an eight-inch telescope through the roof of his garden shed. He tells the Mirror, "It just goes to show that a window to the universe is there for all of us."

The above image of the NGC6960, the Veil Nebula, was taken using an ORION OPTICS UK AG8 Astrograph telescope. On his website he has a picture of his telescope with gold mylar wrapped around the pier, in a DIY fix for the fact that his concrete pier kept heating up during the day and then discharging the heat at night. Wrapping it in mylar solved this problem and cleared up his images.


Shah has a self-published book of his photos out called Mirror Image, which you can order through his site. Here are a few of the other amazing images he's posted. [Daily Mirror]

IC1318, in Cygnus


M42, the Great Orion Nebula

Ngc6888 The Crescent nebula


Sh2-115, in Cygnus