Spend all week trying to figure out how you can get antelope legs, just like James Cameron's Avatar athletes? Never fear, we've got everything you may have missed, from new Na'vi concept art to the world's hardest algorithm.

Avatar's Designers Speak: Floating Mountains, AMP Suits And The Dragon
You may think you've been living inside Pandora, James Cameron's imaginary world, for a while after seeing Avatar. But just think what it's like for the designers and creators who spent years imagining every tiny detail of the place.

Mathematicians Create Algorithm So Complex No Computer Can Use It...Yet
Quantum computers, which would rely on quantum mechanical concepts like superposition and entanglement to perform operations of unimaginable complexity, remain a pipe dream. But physicists have nevertheless come up with an algorithm that only quantum computers could use.

The Lovely Bones' Saoirse Ronan Talks About Crime and The Afterlife
Saoirse Ronan plays poor Susie Salmon, who's marked for bloody death in Peter Jackson's film adaptation of The Lovely Bones. We talked to her about pairing the movie's devastatingly frightening scenes with Jackson's imaginative effects.

Is Book Of Eli A Christian Movie? We Ask The Hughes Bros.
The Hughes Brothers' Book of Eli isn't all post-apocalyptic Samurai sword action and ipods. Mixed in with the violence and sepiatones is one giant religious symbol that we just had to quiz the Brothers about in our exclusive interview.

The Truth About Dollhouse's Evil Mastermind
The man who shot Mal Reynolds in the gut came back to kick us in the teeth, with Friday's Dollhouse episode. Tim Minear's brilliant episode left us with tons of questions. Luckily, he was willing to answer them. Spoilers below...

Forget Nuking The Fridge. It's All About The Post-Apocalyptic iPod!
Ever since Indiana Jones climbed into a refrigerator to escape a nuclear blast, we've all used "nuking the fridge" to describe cinematic implausibilty.

Everything That Was Cut From Avatar: Sex, Drugs And Suicide
The Na'vi hair plug sex scene wasn't the only questionable scene removed from James Cameron's Avatar. Find out what Quaritch meant by "real legs," which supporting characters were supposed to be in love, and why Sigourney was so pissed.

Paul Levitz Returns To The Future With Legion of Super-Heroes
The future of the DC Universe is brighter than it's been in a long time. Not only is classic writer Paul Levitz returning to the Legion of Super-Heroes, but he's doing so with two series. We talked to him exclusively.

Doctor Who Tries On Multiple Generations In Exclusive Preview
David Tennant may have regenerated before our very eyes last week, but the Tenth Doctor lives on in comic form in this month's Doctor Who #7. Click through for an exclusive preview (and fashion show, of sorts)

Yes, Water Really Could Start A Forest Fire
Researchers put a bit of old folk wisdom to the test, by investigating whether water droplets on the top of leaves actually can focus the sun's rays and burn them. The result? Score one for folk wisdom.