We've noted that Lost has one of the largest ensemble casts in TV history. But what about those unsung characters who appeared once or twice, only to disappear forever? Here's our list of Lost's 10 greatest nobodies.

10.) Gary Troup
Who: Gary was a survivor of Oceanic 815 from Season 1. He's notable for penning the mystery novels Bad Twin and The Valenzetti Equation.
What Happened To Him: Gary's way more famous for becoming human confetti when a jet turbine sucked him up during the opening minutes of the show's pilot.

Likelihood Of Reappearance: 2%. Gary was the first person to die on the show, but in spite of (or perhaps because of) his grisly abrupt end, Gary has a perverse following. In fact, a series of viral clips of Gary discussing Bad Twin were released to promote The Lost Experience fan game.


9.) Aldo
Who: A guard for the Others from Season 3 a.k.a. Rob McElhenney a.k.a. Mac from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.
What Happened To Him: He appears in one episode guarding Karl, Alex's boyfriend. Sawyer makes fun of his name, then Kate rifle-butts him. Exeunt Aldo.

Likelihood Of Reappearance: 15%. Aldo is still alive, and Damon Lindelof - a fan of It's Always Sunny - offered McElhenney the part. (Hey Damon, can we get a Frank Reynolds cameo too? Season 6 would be approximately 5,000% times more perplexing if it starred a drunk Danny Devito brandishing a gun.)

8.) Ms. Klugh
Who: A high-ranking Other from Seasons 2 and 3. She commands Michael to bring Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hurley to the Others' dock.
What Happened To Her: Beatrice Klugh was introduced at end of Season 2, when the show's writers were throwing a lot of inexplicableness at us (Henry Gale! A statue foot! Fake beards!). It looked as if Ms. Klugh was poised to become a major player in Season 3, but Mikhail Bakunin unceremoniously shot her to stop her from surrendering intel to Sayid and Kate. So much for character development!
Likelihood Of Reappearance: 60%. Ms. Klugh was much ballyhooed when she first appeared, so a flashback appearance seems par for the course.

7.) Tricia Tanaka
Who: In a Season 3 flashback, this reporter interviewed lottery winner Hurley about his purchase of Mr. Cluck's Chicken Shack. She ignored Hugo's rant about the cursed numbers at her own peril...
What Happened To Her:...because a meteorite wiped out Mr. Cluck's seconds later.

Likelihood Of Reappearance: 0.5%. Did we mention her sole appearance was in the episode "Tricia Tanaka Is Dead?"

6.) Cindy
Who: A flight attendant on Oceanic 815. Tail-section survivor with Ana-Lucia and Mr. Eko. Apparently the unrequited lust object of Gary "Turbine" Troup, but this is likely non-canonical.
What Happened To Her: In Season 2, she mysteriously disappeared trekking across the island with the Tailies, Jin, Sawyer, and Michael. She reappeared in Season 3 at the second island's Hydra station, leering at Jack from outside his cage.
Likelihood Of Reappearance: 75%. We never found out what the Others wanted with Cindy and why she joined their cause so gleefully. She's still alive, so there's a good chance viewers could get at least a passing explanation for her strange behavior.

5.) Achara
Who: Jack's psychic tattoo artist lover from a Season 3 flashback. She has the ability to "see" people's inner goodness and then portray their person via body art.
What Happened To Her: After Jack learns of her Virtue-O-Vision, he demands that she tattoo him as well. Achara balks and claims that Jack is an outsider. After breaking the rules, Achara's brother and his gang throttle Jack proper. Audiences never learn the origin of Achara's power or why it's so guarded.
Likelihood Of Reappearance: 15%. Achara is the rare supernatural character with no ties to The Island, so there's an outside possibility we could gain some insight into her gift. If anything, it seems more likely Jack's tattoo will be analyzed in Season 6.

4.) The Tattooed Shark
Who: He's a shark with a Dharma Initiative Tattoo.
What Happened To Him: In Season 2, he tried to eat Sawyer. Michael shot him. He then swam away.

Likelihood Of Reappearance: 2%. With only 18 episodes to go, it's unlikely the writers of Lost will waste time with the shark's sweet tats. I do however anticipate an entire episode will be spent explaining why the polar bear was not tattooed.

3 & 2.) Nikki & Paulo

Who: Con artists Nikki and Paulo were introduced in Season 3 to expand the survivors' roster. Fans hated them immediately, so the show's writers conspired to kill them tout de suite.
What Happened To Him: The duo was buried alive after a self-contained episode about diamonds and poisonous spiders and Billy Dee Williams. It was like that episode of The Simpsons in which Poochie returns to his home planet.
Likelihood Of Reappearance: 65%. Nikki and Paulo were universally loathed, and the show's writers get a kick out of bringing back hated characters. What's evidence do we have of such a predilection? Let's look at #1...

1.) Dr. Leslie Arzt
Who: A 9th grade science teacher and survivor of Oceanic 815. Collects arachnids. Perhaps the biggest whiner on the entire show.
What Happened To Him: On an expedition to The Black Rock in Season 1, the cantankerous Dr. Arzt lectures the other survivors on the proper handling of nitroglycerin. It doesn't go well.

Likelihood Of Reappearance: 80%. Dr. Arzt has become a cult favorite precisely because he blew himself up with dynamite. Given that his defining trait is being an ill-fated weenie, he appeared in a Season 3 flashback starring aforementioned unlucky castaways Nikki and Paulo. It seems fairly probable that we'll see the good doctor in Season 6, if only to watch him explode again.