The big reveal at the end of last year's Knowing was more of a cheesy letdown than a transcendant moment — but concept art by superstar book-cover artist Stephan Martiniere shows us how cool it could have looked. Spoilers below.

In addition to doing some of our favorite book covers, Martiniere has done concept art for some huge science-fiction movies in the past decade — including Knowing. His images of the alien spaceship, and its alien passengers who abduct Cage's son at the end of the movie, are just as radical and cool-looking as you'd expect from his cover art. We especially love his radical reimagining of an alien spaceship, with the golden wheels and weird symmetries. Here are a few more of the images we loved — there's way more at the link, including his concept art for Mortal Kombat Vs. DC. [Stephan Martiniere]