The communal areas of Emory's microbiology lab.

Covering the walls on the way to the labs run by Nicole Gerardo and Jaap de Roode, you see the telltale mark of academia: project posters.

Emory was lucky enough to have an architect or designer with something of a sense of humor — across many of the hallways runs a double-helix pattern on the floor.

These photos were taken just before Christmas, and every attempt to be festive was made.

The communal areas and break rooms.

Some even boasting fußball tables

The desk of Nancy Lowe. That small splodge in the center of the wall? That's a pinned queen Atta cephalotes which we saw earlier.

And it wouldn't be scientist's offices without the essentials: tea, coffee...

and plenty of hazardous materials

This is a microbiology lab, where ant and aphid fungi are grown, as well as various microbes and pathogens.