The Na'vi hair plug sex scene wasn't the only questionable scene removed from James Cameron's Avatar. Find out what Quaritch meant by "real legs," which supporting characters were supposed to be in love, and why Sigourney was so pissed.

Fox recently released the entire Avatar script, which has helped us answer a lot of questions, like what do the Na'vi eat. Find out which characters were supposed to get drunk, get high, have sex and fall in love.


The Mean Streets of James Cameron's Bladerunner Like City, Plus Jake's Big Bar Fight

This is easily the coolest deleted scene from Avatar. First up, it gives us a look at what's become of Earth. Turns out we've destroyed the planet — people wear clean-air breathing masks, the world is cluttered with ads, and sounds like a cold, concrete place. At least, that's the world that poor and unfortunate Jake Sully calls home. Also interesting, it sounds like human athletes have replaced their real legs with animal hind quarters or "antelope legs" as the script calls them. Which must be what Quaritch meant when he told Jake he'd get him his real legs back. I don't know about you, but I'd rather have animal legs.


Also revealed in this film, Jake is a bad ass that doesn't take sass from anyone, as evidenced by his bar fight.

First Banshee Run-In

After the "meals on wheels" dig, Jake's treated to a run-in with a little local wildlife, straight off the boat.

School Massacre

We know the humans built a school for the Na'vi people, because Giovanni Ribisi's character, Parker Selfridge, informs us of that when while listing off all the failed attempts to work with the natives. What we didn't know is why the school closed, and what they taught. Turns out they taught Dr. Seuss books — and the whole thing was shuttered after the military got trigger happy.

What The Navi Eat

Bugs, but more interestingly this scene shows one of Jake's more clever moments — knowing he's being tested he gobbles up the Pandoran larvae happily. Also, we like all the Na'vi chatter about Jake's imminent doom.

Netiryi's Lost Sister

Netiryi had a sister, that Grace is somehow connected to, this is the first reference of the missing member of Netiryi's family, but not the last.

Grace's Story And What Happened To Neytiri's Sister

This little snippet from the script answers our questions as to what happened to Grace's school and Neytiri's sister. Turns out they both met a tragic end at the hands of the Sky People.

Jake Gets Drunk on Fire Water

What better way to celebrate a Na'vi's first experience with a Banshee and successful kill, than by getting drunk? This is actually the same sequence that James Cameron talks about below — we wish they'd kept drunk Jake Sully in the movie.

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Jake Takes An Acid Trip

The Na'vi do not mess around with their drugs. Read on as Jake goes through his final test of Na'vi manhood by stabbing an Aarachnoid in its neck, and chewing a glowing purple worm. He then has what can only be described as a native acid trip, for glory.


This is it the hair on hair Na'vi sex scene. Read the tawdry details below — and you'll know you're done when the script says Neytiri is "spent."

What Happens When A Na'vi Loses Their Hair Plug: Tsu-Tey's Graphic Death

Now that we know what happens when two Na'vi plug their hair socket into each other, what happens when someone cuts off the cord completely. Unfortunately for Tsu-Tey, he finds out first-hand in Avatar's screenplay. The underutilized — and super jumpy — Corporal Lyle Wainfleet takes his knife to Tsu-Tey's hair, and unleashes loads of pain and shame upon Neytiri's scorned would-be husband. In fact he's so upset at the removal of his hair plug, he asks Jake to kill him, Jake happily obliges knife in hand. See, we knew that death prayer would come in handy later. So long TT — sorry Jake stole your pride, woman and place of honor among the tribe — and now has to kill you.

Forbidden Love

Perhaps the cheesiest line of the entire Avatar film — yes, even cheesier than "you're not in Kansas anymore" is Trudy's final line of dialog. No our hero of the sky didn't go out guns blazing originally. In the original script, Trudy falls in love with gangly Na'vi scientist Norm. And before she blows herself to bits protecting the magic tree she whispers sweetly to nerdy Norm, "I love you" — then klablooey! "Noooooo!" Norm screams, as fragments of his lady shimmer in the sunset.