Last night's io9 meetup in San Francisco was incredibly fun and well-attended. We've got a giant gallery showing science fiction nerds in their natural habitat: Borderlands Cafe, among giant bookshelves full of paperbacks.

If you don't see your name in the captions, pipe up in comments and tell us who you are! Or if I got your name wrong, let us know about that too. Thanks again to Borderlands for being such gracious hosts for the event!

io9 book reviewer and Borderlands employee Chris Hsiang (Grey_Area) makes a point while io9 commenter CrashedPC laughs. I can guarantee they are both going to give me crap about making this the top picture.

The early arrivals got tea and coffee without waiting in line. On the far right is Cameo, who owns a beekeeping store up the street from Borderlands.

Many thanks to Borderlands owner Alan Beatts, who kindly dealt with a giant herd of io9 folks and even brought out cheese and bread for us (to many cheers).

io9 managing editor Charlie Jane chatting with early arrivals in the back of the store.

Tachyon Press publishers Jacob and Rina Wiesman look cute as buttons.

Cool tees like io9 commenter Erik T Derek's were pretty much everywhere at the meetup.

Yay! Nicole Peeler, author of Tempest Rising, made it all the way from Chicago!

EFF attorney Kevin Bankston.

io9 writer Esther Inglis-Arkell says hi. She has a degree in physics, so don't mess with her.

Adam O'Donnell and Sacha Arnold and the bookshelves.

It is my goal in life to always have events where people can sit down in comfy chairs and read whenever they want.

It's io9 commenter Evil Tortie's Mom! And she brought Evil Tortie's Dad too.

Lee Konstantinou, author of Pop Apocalypse, told us about his new novel, which involves talking hamsters and war games in Afghanistan.

io9 commenter Briareosdx.

A great jacket, and a great book choice.

Former io9 intern Alexis Brown and her arm candy.

Gail Carriger, author of Soulless, wore a hat was completely awesome.

More of Gail's awesome hat.

Hey what book did you get?

So wait, WHAT book did you get?

io9 commenter CmdrHunt shows us the source of his nerd power - an awesome Trek tee!

io9 commenter Evil Tortie's Mom looks through books with friends.

Geek pride - hell yes!

Is it Alan Moore?! Oh wait, no. It's Paul McEnery, who is the very definition of devious.

Excellent choice, Matthew Anderson!

Tachyon Press owners Jacob and Rina Weisman hang out at the counter.

io9 writer Esther Inglis-Arkel chats with a friend.

io9 commenter Hellers1155, an awesome 3D artist, takes pictures.

io9 commenter Sinister Bill shows off his Henchman 24 Memorial tee!

Cassandra is barely tolerating me sticking a camera in her face.

Scott Sigler, podcaster extraordinaire and author of Contagious, chats.

Scott Sigler

Former io9 assistant editor Lauren Davis shows off her book find, as well as her awesome Space Invaders sweater.

He found his Cyborg.

This face is the answer to my question, "What kind of science fiction geek are you?"

On the left is io9 commenter Kickingvegas. io9 commenter Sal the Geek is on the right in the gray hat.

A gang of hackers and lawyers and digital liberties activists discussing the new Android phone.

Another cool hat.

io9 managing editor Charlie Jane checks out the books.

Yes, commenter Astriana's tee says "nerds." I can't imagine why.

In the VIP back room at Borderlands Cafe.

Here are the two books I bought purely for their covers.

The rubble.

Borderlands manager Jude Feldman says hi. Many thanks for staying late with all the io9 geeks, Jude!