There are world-class filmmakers who work in SF. One — James Cameron — might even win the first Oscar given to a scifi picture. But here are a handful others who could do amazing things in the genre.

To be fair, plenty of phenomenal directors have made science fiction movies: Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson, Ridley Scott, Woody Allen, and Steven Soderbergh, to name a few. But wouldn't it be something to see what these people would do with all of the wondrous freedoms of SF at their disposal?

The Bourne Ultimatum, United 93, Bloody Sunday
There are plenty of terrific action directors out there, but few work with same mixture of chaos and intimacy. The future can be a messy place — who'd be better to document it?

No Country for Old Men, Fargo, Blood Simple
Few filmmakers have as facile a grasp on the "other" as the Joel and Ethan Coen. Or as subversive a sense of humor. Maybe a remake of Sayles' The Brother from Another Planet?

No, I'm not listing this man's resume
C''s Martin Scorsese — probably the greatest active director who hasn't made a sci-fi flick. There's gotta be a densely packed colony story that Scorsese could bring his love for immigrant enclaves to.

The Virgin Suicides, Lost in Translation
Isolation runs through science fiction like vein to the heart, and Coppola the Younger has a gift for conveying that. Besides, great SF is all about points of view; frankly, SF cinema could use some fresh ones.

Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Inglourious Basterds
Here's a dude who seems on a quest to dip his piggies in every genre — he's done WWII, vampires, blaxploitation, kung fu, muscle car, and neo-western — all that's left is crappy romantic comedy and science fiction. And I'd really like him to do science fiction. Cause he'd love it like no one else.

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