We have long clamored for Skeletor to become an artistic icon, and now he's finally immortalized on canvas. Galleries 1988 in Los Angeles is having a He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe art show, and the opening's tonight.

The art showcases He-Man, Skeletor, Battlecat and many other characters in some settings you never would have expected. Like the above "beefcake" image of Skeletor, by painter Johnny Sampson. And the gallery itself has been made over to look like Castle Greyskull, which takes a bit of determination.


We already posted some other images from the show a few weeks ago — click here to see them. Here are some of our other favorites from the show — you'll have to go to tonight's opening to see all of them. [Galleries 1988 blog]

Skeletor screen print by Todd Slater.

Gallery transformed into Castle Greyskull

Faker by Alex Pardee

He-Man vs. Skeletor by Allison Reimold

Battlecat, by Eric Tan

Orko by Project Detonate

Australian Meggs


Ayami Kawashima

NC Winters

Audrey Pongracz