The final pieces of Marvel's Spider-Man 2010 jigsaw puzzle have been revealed, and it looks like the publisher is looking to upset fanboys one more time by bringing back the question of whether Spidey ever actually got married or not.

It's only been two years since the publisher controversially undid Peter Parker and Mary-Jane Watson's 20-year marriage with the help of a Satan-a-like and do-over of history that declared that the marriage simply never happened in the first place, much to the upset of many people; complaints ranged from purists upset that two decades of continuity had been wiped out to parents upset that their children's favorite superhero had essentially made a deal with the devil that destroyed his family. At the time, complaints were met with cryptic promises that the story wasn't over yet, and this image - made up of teases released through the last week - suggests that we'll finally get some kind of closure on the subject at some point in 2010:

Our take? While we didn't believe the idea that a married Spider-Man was inherently a bad idea, all of the other changes - in terms of writers, artists and tonal fixes - that accompanied the revamp of the character signified by the split have made Amazing Spider-Man a much more enjoyable book, and we'd much rather see the character move forward than feel the need to explain a bad idea from a couple of years back (Or, worse, tease those already upset about said bad idea by pretending to explain it). Let's just forget it ever happened and move on, shall we?

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